Bridesmaid Boxes

Because we’re not getting married until January 28, 2017, Klaus and I don’t have a ton of wedding planning to do yet. I mean we know where (Now Sapphire Resort), when and some general ideas (colors: ocean blue and bright yellow), but we really don’t have to get into the details for quite some time.

But one of the very first things we decided on was our bridal party. While we’re doing a pretty relaxed destination wedding, having people I love stand up with me was something I really wanted. Again, in the theme of slightly unconventional, I’m having two maids of honor (my sisters) and two bridesmaids and Klaus is having one best man and two groomsmen. All of the bridal party has been asked and said yes, but I wanted to treat my bridesmaids to a little something special. FullSizeRender (5)

I’m in love with the new trend of bridesmaid boxes and decided to do one of my own. I am no Martha Stewart, but I am pretty pleased with the slightly Mexico-themed box I pulled together. Each of my girls is getting a message in a bottle (I bought these from Petite25 on Etsy), a Chocolove Chilies & Cherries in Dark Chocolate bar, a bottle of tequila and a handwritten thank you note. I also included a sheet of paper with the photos, e-mail addresses and names of everyone in the wedding party, which I folded into an origami heart. Most of our wedding party don’t necessarily know each other, so I thought this was an important part.

FullSizeRender (4)

I packed all of these items into a white box with the insides painted our wedding colors, packed them in mailing boxes and shipped them off!

I know it can be a little cheesy, but I am so excited to be married and I see the wedding as this really awesome celebration with family and friends. I want everyone to be as happy and excited as Klaus and I are. As we get closer to the actual wedding I’m sure I’ll post more about it here, but I promise not to overwhelm this blog!

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