Dating in New York City Update

So it’s been about three months since I gave a guy my number and a few things have happened.

He eventually texted me and we went out to a bar to watch a Rangers game. I honestly had a great time. We talked for about 2 hours and barely paid attention to the game. A second date was discussed and happened but that’s kind of where it went downhill. You’d think that by cheering for the same sports teams, things would be great but he wasn’t feeling it. Honestly, him telling me flat out that he didn’t feel a “romantic spark” was totally fine. I’d rather a guy be upfront than drag out the process.

The experience of getting back out there and dating was a bit nerve wrecking but taught me a lot. I just need to relax and be myself. My guy friend Mike basically tells me that on a daily basis as I freak out over how to text a guy back. I’ve talked to a few guys here and there but nothing really happened.

At this point, I’m basically not feeling the whole dating thing. I attempted to join and that lasted all of 12 months. Set up was super easy but then they wanted me to pay $130 upfront, for 6 months of usage. Umm, no thank you! While everything was clean and easy to use, their whole “Match Guarantee” seemed a little to sketchy for me. Basically if you don’t match with someone they’ll give you another 6 months for free, as long as they determine everything is valid. As someone who is super picky, that’s not a lot of reassurance. Sorry, bye!

I then decided to check out OKCupid, which hasn’t really been a priority for me. I scan it every few days and of course get the creep messages from guys. Is it necessary to start a convo with “Hey gorgeous?” Cut that crap out.

For now, I’m just using Bumble. Yeah, figured I call out the app I’ve been using for several months now. It has it’s ups and downs but I like it since I don’t need to dedicate a significant amount of time to it. But one note to guys, if you swipe yes and the girl messages you, answer her back! Stop wasting our time!

Dating In NYC