Finding Myself Again…

A few months ago, I was basically dumped for the first time ever. I won’t get into the messy details but one of my girlfriends asked when was the last time I went out and what happened to the fun Brittany who would go out and get drinks several nights a week. It was then I realized that over the past three years I had lost myself. For those wondering, it’s been two years since I went out and had a great time without a care in the world and I just cant hang multiple nights a week anymore. Sad I know.

Well these past couple of months, I’ve made it a mission to find me again. It’s definitely not something that I’ve accomplished 100% but any amount of me is good. Honestly, I’m not even sure where to begin but somewhere along the way, I started going to trivia nights with friends and even joined dating apps. So far I’ve matched with at least 20 guys on one of the apps and have had about 5 conversations. Not a bad ratio but seriously guys, why say you’re interested and not answer a message? (Serious question.)

This past week, I actually matched with someone who not only lives in my area of the city, but is really cute. (Rose agrees.) At first I just thought here goes another conversation that will go nowhere but he asked for my number! My best friend just happened to be over and she of course encouraged me to give it to him. So far, I haven’t received a text but it’s only been two day. Definitely having a Clueless moment a la “Christian said he’d call the next day, but in boy time that meant Thursday.”

Since this is a new venture in my life, I wanted to share all the deets and hopefully get some advice. It’s also pretty timely since my good friend, Jessica Lawlor, recently asked me to provide my insights into dating as a single woman living in such a large city. Definitely check out the post and if you have any suggestions for me as I enter the dating world again, please share!

So for now, here’s to…

Dating In NYC