Learning How to “Leave Your Mark”

Earlier this year, Aliza Licht released her much anticipated book, Leave Your Mark. If you’ve never heard of Aliza, well currently, she is the SVP of Global Communications at Donna Karan International (Licht recently announced she is leaving DKI) and up until recently, the voice behind @dkny. Bet you follow the account, right? Well, then you were talking to Aliza, who really knows how to engage with followers!

I don’t remember exactly when I started following @dkny but I immediately loved how the handle was responding to tweets and not focusing solely on fashion. Now at this time, no one knew who was actually behind the Twitter handle but it was great to just follow along during red carpet events and even while watching some of my favorite shows like Revenge, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. Then in 2011, the identity behind @dkny was revealed on the DKKNY PR Girl Tumblr. Everyone was excited to finally find out the person behind the curtain, but let’s fast forward to May 2015.

Leave Your Mark

After years of working in the PR business and moving up in the ranks, Licht shared with the world her tips and tricks to leaving your mark and killing it in your career. I couldn’t wait for my copy to arrive and dive right in. Yeah, I have a job but really you should never stop learning and I was intrigued to read what Licht had to say. As someone who frequently networks as an alumnae for my university, I just made sense for me to see how someone with more experience views the daunting task of landing an interview, rocking it in your career and just building up your overall brand.

In writing Leave Your Mark, Licht brings in her personal experiences, from changing majors to internships to becoming the person hiring. Personally, I honestly believe this helps in showing the reader that anything is possible, all you need to do is find your passion, set goals and have focus. She hits on important topics like “Writing a Killer Cover Letter and Rock-Solid Resumé,” “Going for the Promotion and the Raise,” “Surviving People and Politics,” “Being Socially Savvy,” and “Being Your Own Publicist,” all must-knows for getting ahead in your career. Also, one important thing that I noticed was that in a time where social media is EVERYWHERE, Licht knew she couldn’t fall behind on the happenings. I mean, she ran a successfully popular Twitter account and no one knew it was her! Girl knows how to keep a secret! For someone in her position, it was like a breath of fresh air to see someone in a VP role, just get social.

Overall, I agreed with what Licht brought to the table and recommend that everyone pick up a copy. You don’t even need to work in PR because the skill sets in Leave Your Mark can apply in any industry.