Moving is Hard

My last month has been completely consumed with all things moving. From finding a place to live in Columbus and packing to saying goodbye to friends. Klaus and I officially moved to Columbus on Friday, July 10 and I feel like I still am floating in this weird middle space. Which is poView Postssibly the most nonsensical description I’ve ever used but it is the only word I have for it.

Our Bushwick apartment as we finished loading the truck

Our Bushwick apartment as we finished loading the truck

After several weeks of packing up, throwing out or donating everything we have accumulated over the last four years of living in our tiny Bushwick apartment and a few incredibly fun nights with friends (including a long weekend in Jim Thorpe, PA with two of my favorite people in the world), Klaus and I packed up a 10′ UHaul truck and hit the road. What should have been an 8.5-9.5 hour drive took us over 12 hours. Some of that was my fault for going a little slower than the speed limit, some if it had to do with the fact that we had to take turns in rest areas because one of us had to stay with the cat (because locking an animal in a hot truck in July is a huge no-no), some of it was traffic due to an accident on the Pennsylvania turnpike, and some of it was just the stress gods punishing me even more.

After that VERY long trip (in which Klaus was incredibly supportive) we unloaded the cat and a futon mattress and passed out.

And things have been pretty much go-go-go since then. We unloaded the truck on Saturday and my mom and my sister drove down my car, packed with some random things (a bookshelf my grandfather made, a very old thin desk, a lamp etc.) and we unloaded that. We did a Target run, we did a grocery staples run, we tried our hardest to start upacking and organizing. I started work on Monday.

We have a lot more work to do in the duplex, but it is fairly livable for now. We drive up to Cleveland next weekend in another UHaul to pick up more stuff from my mom – including a washer and dryer, a bed and a dining room table (that needs some sanding and staining).

I think the strangest thing, though, has been this weird unanchored feeling. I naively thought that we would arrive in Columbus and immediately feel at home. In reality, this city is a stranger to me and I to it. I don’t know the roads, the culture, the restaurants, the neighborhoods. And things are so different here – In a good way, don’t get me wrong – but it will require some major adjusting. I thought that, because these were changes I wanted (a car, a shorter commute, friendlier people), that I would immediately be thrilled and have no issues. That is turning out not to be the case.

Flights at Columbus Brewing Company restaurant

Flights at Columbus Brewing Company restaurant

I’m thrilled to be in my new home. And I know that Columbus has a ton to offer, but like with any relationship – it takes some time to really fall in love. But I know it will happen.

Until then, I’ll keep exploring and I’ll bring you all with me! As I explore my new city, keep an eye here for restaurant reviews, recipes featuring produce from my CSA, looks at how we decorate our new place and some DIY posts, especially as we get new old furniture!



  1. Ms. Saz · July 19, 2015

    I’m struggling to move to Columbus right now. I’m fresh out of college and can’t seem to find a damn job down there! . . . I really want to move to Orlando, FL though.


    • Rose · July 22, 2015

      Finding a job is hard! What field are you looking in?


      • Ms. Saz · July 23, 2015

        Book Publishing . . .Editorial work . . . Journalism . . . something related to Creative Writing I guess.


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