I’m Jammin’

Spring NailsMe and nail polish have never gotten along.

When I pain my own nails it always looks like a toddler did it – its all over my skin and somehow crooked looking. And I have a tendency to knock over bottles of nail polish; the pink carpet in my childhood bedroom is stained with shades of blue, purple, red and black as well as bleach spots where I tried to clean the sticky mess up. Getting a manicure is definitely a step up, but a regular manicure is $15 or so and inevitably chips within days. So frustrating.

But I have found a solution: Jamberry. Seriously, I am so in love with these nail wraps. They come in super cute patterns and colors, they are fairly easy to apply and last on my nails forever without showing much wear and tear at all. On average, I wear my wraps 7-10 days and the only wear I start to see is a little lifting near the cuticle and a little wear down at the very tips (but you have to look closely to see that!). Mind you, that is 7-10 days worth of cooking, dish washing (dishwashers are a rare breed in NYC), floor scrubbing and general living.FullSizeRender

I use the “baggie method” to apply my wraps. Basically, I take the wrap, cut it down to the right size and lay it on my nail. I often have to reposition it because I am not the most dexterous person in the world, but that is okay! Then I wrap a plastic sandwich bag around my finger so it is pressing the wrap down, blast it for a few seconds with my blowdryer then take the baggie off. I trim off the excess wrap by filing it off my nail (only file down, not up and down or side to side) and voila – pretty nails!

IMG_2170I’ve tried nail stickers and those polish strips and I don’t think anything works quite the way  these do. I love that I can put together cute combinations and that they don’t damage my nails. No matter what I’m wearing, I always feel more polished with cute nails.

Have you ever tried Jamberry? Or are you a nail expert (if so, I’m jealous)? Let us know below!!


One comment

  1. JamminWithKeLeigh · April 8, 2015

    As a consultant, I LOVE seeing wonderful reviews like this!!! ❤


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