Things We Love This Week – 3/27/15

We’re constantly sharing things with each other throughout the week and thought why not share two things we’re loving each week here on our blog. Below are our inaugural finds!


It wasn’t until I stumbled across Serial that I listened to my first podcast. I know super weird but luckily I was hooked. This week, I discovered another podcast that I need to share with the world – Currently! Hosted by John Trasher and Daryn Carpe, friends who met at work, Currently focuses on life in New York City, pop culture and other happenings. I should mention that I know John, thanks to a little thing called the MTV TJ Search (long story), and he did not put me up to including this on our blog.


Honestly, I loved hearing their thoughts on issues that every 20-something deals with, especially in New York City. Topics range from how dating or whatever you want to call it is hard in NYC to pop culture events. If you don’t believe me just check it out and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! You can catch up on all nine episodes on their websites or through iTunes.


If you’re interested in the tech or social media spaces at all, you probably have heard about Twitter’s new live streaming app, Periscope (a direct competitor to recent media baby, Meerkat). With this new platform you can follow others (friends, celebrities, news organizations etc.) and get push notifications whenever they are live streaming.

I think Periscope is about to change the face of citizen journalism. The app only launched yesterday and thousands of people heard about the explosion in the East Village seconds after it happened thanks to Periscope; far before it was covered on Twitter or in traditional media.

But beyond current events, the app is already being used a thousand different ways – I watched a woman cook her “famous” chicken biryani, a speaker at a social media summit and my co-worker at an event. I’m really interested to see how the community grows. I hope I stay up on it and it doesn’t turn into another app that just takes up space on my phone (I’m looking at you Vine).



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