Book Review: The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train Cover

Credit: Goodreads

A few weeks I finished reading The Girl on the Train and honestly it has really lived up to the hype. If you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of months, everyone is calling Paula Hawkins’ novel the next Gone Girl. I mean it’s been on the bestsellers list for weeks now!

While the story starts off slow and sort of confusing, Hawkins develops the complex character of Rachel Watson as she commutes every morning and focuses on one row of houses during her ride. Every morning, Rachel watches “Jess and Jason” as they live their lives, ironically a few doors down from her former home, until one day things change. From what she sees one morning then doesn’t another morning brings Rachel into an intense investigation and has everyone questioning who she is and what she wants. Due to excessive drinking and unreliable information, Rachel isn’t the model witness to help crack the case in this thriller.

It’s honestly very hard to write this review without giving up too much information. Hawkins’ writing style is very similar to Flynn’s style in Gone Girl  and she tells the story through the eyes of three women, leaving readers to occasionally scratch their heads. I couldn’t put the book down and was hungry for more with each page. I would recommend this book to anyone who has read Gone Girl or Reconstructing Amelia. Goodreads rating: 4 out of 5 stars



  1. evconvent · March 15, 2015

    I was so puzzled when I started reading this book. But then, I feel like out of nowhere, it picked up and then I couldn’t stop reading it. I think it helped that I read it almost entirely in one sitting. It’s not something that should be put down for too long.


    • Rose + Brittany · March 16, 2015

      I feel the same way. In the beginning, I was totally confused but pushed through and ended up falling in love with the book.

      Liked by 1 person

      • evconvent · March 18, 2015

        Yeah, I really enjoyed it and it surprised me! Very well written.


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