Hello There!

Why, hello there. Rose and Brittany here, your lovely co-writers of this blog. We’re super excited to get this venture off the ground and start sharing our ideas, feelings and ridiculousness with the vast internet world.

You can check out our About Us page for some insight into who we are, but here are the basics:

  • We met in 2011 at a PR agency in NYC while Rose was interning and Brittany was starting out her career. We bonded over our love of Netflix, macaroni and cheese and free drinks. While we’ve both moved on from that agency, we’ve stayed in touch.
  • We’re both currently in our mid-twenties and living in the outer boroughs of NYC (Rose in Brooklyn and Brittany in Queens)
  • Rose is newly engaged, starting a new job and planning a move back to Ohio in the next few months.
  • Brittany started a new job recently and obsessed with all things pop culture.

Not enough for you? Have no fear, you’ll get to know us pretty well as long as you keep reading our blog!

More importantly, we wanted to use this very first post to talk a little bit about our vision for this blog. We’re looking forward to sharing our perspectives and advice on all things food, beauty, pop culture and health. While that is a lot of ground to cover, these are things we have a lot to say about.

We will try our hardest to be open and honest about what we think and feel and share with you a little piece of ourselves. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out and comment, tweet at us or even shoot us an e-mail. As of right now I’m pretty sure our moms and Rose’s fiance are the only people reading this, so we would love to be proven wrong.


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